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GoTellGo Cultural Association was founded in 2008 to carry out cultural and intercultural promotion actions also through the Web and new technologies.


The general aims of the Association are:


2011: the Appasseggio APP has been developed, freely downloadable from AppStore and GooglePlay, Through this APP, the user can enjoy cultural itineraries (in Italian) with geolocalized points of interest, accompanied by multimedia resources (video, audio, images, texts). This application was presented in several international conferences (Canada, Berlin, Prato). Currently the APP contains more than 100 itineraries. The Association works in collaboration with several libraries and museums with which it has cooperation agreements, in particular the National Central Library of Rome, the Library of Modern and Contemporary History, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the Museum of the Risorgimento, the Archaeological Superintendence for Southern Etruria ecc.

2012: the Association launches the project "Appasseggio: the culture of the promenade, the promenade of culture" to actively promote the culture of walking and slow walking, knowledge of the territory, interaction with local communities and exercise for the well-being of mind, spirit and health. Involving a network of storytellers and experts, starts a series of micro-projects, aimed at developing thematic itineraries: historical, literary, artistic, naturalistic, paying great attention to less known territories and suburbs.

2013: the Association has also begun to collaborate with schools, in particular in the context of the project "Appasseggio in the history", proposing seminars in class and walks in the area that have the aim of bringing the students closer to the territory around them, making them aware of the memory of the places and teaching them to "read the landscape" in all its forms.

2014: In October 2014, in collaboration with the Thamus Cultural Association. GoTellGo, started the project CityTelling – Stories from the town ", which gathered the patronage of the 5th Municipality of Rome. The aim of the project is to collect different types of documentary materials on the history and memory of the territory during the twentieth century, in order to start a process of digitization and storage of sources of various nature, for the creation of multimedia paths, accessible through web and mobile devices, for the use of the contemporary historical heritage in a perspective of transformation of the territory into an open-air museum.

2014: Exhibition and catalog: 19 July 1943 - 4 June 1944. Rome towards freedom
On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Rome, the Association was entrusted with the care of the exhibition "19 July 1943 - 4 June 1944. Rome towards freedom", promoted by the Municipality of Rome and in collaboration with the Istituto Luce. The exhibition was set up in the Zanardelli Hall of the Vittoriano Complex. The Association has thus curated the thematic set-up of the rooms, creating a path aimed at getting to know the places and events related to the Nazi-fascist occupation of Rome and the liberation struggle of the city, highlighting new aspects emerging from new research projects. GoTellGo also edited the exhibition catalogue, published by the Gangemi publishing house.

2014-2015: Appasseggio in the literature
Project realized in the context of the initiatives supported by the Lazio Region with "IO LEGGO", Determination n. G17024 of 26/11/2014, L.R. of 21 October 2008, n. 16: Regional initiatives and interventions in favour of the promotion of books, reading and small and medium-sized publishing companies in Lazio. The main objectives of the project were: the definition of a methodology for the creation of literary itineraries, the realization of a series of routes in the regional territory, the related technological and innovative tools to support their use, a series of laboratories to encourage reading and literary tourism. During the project we also created some Guidelines for editing literary itineraries, Version 1.0 (May 2015). For the results of the project: www.appasseggionellaletteratura.it

2016: Caccia al Tesor8
GoTellGo organized the Caccia al Tesor8, a team game for young and old to know the places and stories of the neighborhoods of the Roma VIII City Hall: Tor Marancia, Rome 70, San Paolo, Montagnola, Ostiense, Garbatella. Winning project of the Public Notice of the Municipality of Rome VIII Cultural activities 2016 - Creative City Hall 2.0.

2017: CamminAppia
Self-financed project to track a walking route along the ancient Appian Way in Lazio from Porta Capena to the Garigliano River (creation of GPS tracks, historical research, multimedia documentation, photographic campaign). The track has been divided into 8 stages with the identification of more than 150 points of interest, made available also on APPasseggio APP. For details: www.camminappia.it. The collected materials were made available in a Paper Guide financed by the Lazio Region Tourism Agency. The English version will be produced in 2019.

2017: Word-Crossing
Coordinated by the GoTellGo Cultural Association, is a project completed in October 2017, funded under the Io Leggo Call of the Lazio Region - Department for Culture and Youth Policies (Executive Determination No. G.14448 of 5/12/2016 ). Promoting and educating for reading aloud is the general objective of the Word Crossing project, which aims to capitalize and develop what was achieved in the previous project Appasseggio in the literature (appasseggionellaletteratura.it), consolidating its activities and networks. The specific objectives are: to define a methodology for teaching the rudiments of reading aloud and for organizing spontaneous reading aloud events (Bookmobs); to train aloud readers that can in turn become promoters of reading; "Infecting" reading throughout Lazio and especially in areas with greater social criticality involving the public of non-readers who can approach the book through reading aloud. The planned activities are: definition of a model of microworkshop for reading aloud and of guidelines for the organization of spontaneous reading events to which the trainers will have to refer. 80 microlaboratories of reading aloud; stimulation of at least 15 BookMob (people who spontaneously - like in flashmob - meet in a place to read together aloud or to illustrate a book). Development of a network of stakeholders willing to collaborate and keep the project alive. For details on the project: http://www.appasseggio.it/index.php?it/438/wordcrossing

2017: Project with the Gullace Liceum of Rome for the realization of a cultural itinerary in Veio along the Via Francigena and with the Kant Liceum in Rome for the construction of an historical itinerary in Tor Pignattara.

2018: Sabina Unica per Cultura
Participation in the Sabina Unica per Cultura project (financed by Regional Law 23rd October 2009, n.26 - Public Notice "La Cultura fa Sistema"). As part of this project, GoTellGo is asked to design 14 tourist-cultural itineraries, to create as many cultural walks and mini-excursions, to design three tourist packages in Sabina, a series of information minicards on 14 Sabine villages and to load the itineraries produced on the APPasseggio app.

2018: Serendipiwalk
The project SERENDIPIWALK: shared cultural itineraries in Rome VIII Municipality has as its main objective to make known to an extended public seven urban areas of Rome (Ostiense, Valco San Paolo, Garbatella, Navigators, Tor Marancia, Tre Fontane, Grottaperfetta) through a series of participated multisensory walks (serendipiwalk) that stimulate the sense of "wonder" and the knowledge of the local cultural heritage, material and immaterial, often totally unknown to most people, far from the stereotyped tourist itineraries. The main aim is to build community maps.

2018-2019: EUWalkTogether
Advocacy project who got the label for the European Year of Cultural Heritage which aims to encourage "urban and suburban walking", not only as a recreational activity in the open air, for leisure, exercise, in company or alone, but also as an opportunity to increase their knowledge of the past and recent history of European places and territories in their broader declination, promoting awareness of their European identity based on common values, history and culture and contributing to intercultural dialogue. The walk therefore, as an opportunity to meet the citizens of Europe: walking to learn but also to "remember", an active contribution to the discovery and integration of different places and cultures. The project is carried out in the most peripheral neighborhoods of Rome.

2019: Bycicl-ing
Partner in this project coordinated by Sapienza University which has the aim of increasing students' awareness of environmental issues and sustainable mobility. GoTellGo will participate in training activities.



GoTellGo belongs to the following networks:
  • Rete Associativa Via di Francesco
  • Comitato Via Francigena del Sud
  • Area 420 Nord


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